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    IQOS HEETS Green Selection 899.00

    This carton contains 10 packs of HEETS tobacco sticks. Each pack contains 20 sticks, for a total of 200 sticks.

    IQOS HEETS are real tobacco sticks made for IQOS ‘Heat Not Burn’ products.

    Green Label HEETS – Toasted tobacco blend with a cooling green mint and menthol kick.

    IQOS have created an alternative for adult smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke cigarettes and want to enjoy real tobacco taste without the smoke or ash of cigarettes. This product is not intended for non smokers or ex smokers and is compatible only with the IQOS device. Do not smoke or use with other devices.

    Each HEETS stick contains 0.5mg of nicotine and other flavour options are available.

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