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Experience unparalleled satisfaction with the IGET FLARE B10000 Rechargeable Device, delivering 10000 puffs of smooth and consistent vapor infused with 5% Nicotine by Volume. Say goodbye to cumbersome devices and hello to the future of vaping.

Designed for effortless convenience, the FLARE B10000 features a Rechargeable Type-C power interface, ensuring quick and convenient charging whenever needed. Elevate your vaping experience with unmatched performance and style.

Key Features:

10000 puffs capacity
5% Nicotine by Volume for satisfying hits
Sleek and stylish design
Effortless recharging with Type-C power interface
Why Choose IGET FLARE B10000:

Long-lasting battery life for extended use
Quick and convenient recharging for on-the-go lifestyles
Smooth and consistent vapor delivery for an enjoyable vaping experience
Compact and stylish design for a modern vaping aesthetic
Upgrade your vaping experience with the IGET FLARE B10000 Rechargeable Device. Discover the perfect balance of performance and style today.

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